Data Services

Our team of Data & Research strategists works with you to define lead criteria specific to your addressable market. From there, our research team sources each contact individually.

With our Data & Research Services, you have access to premium quality services that have helped generate a global base of clients. We assure you 101% satisfaction thanks to our organized study and collection as well as easily-retrievable data that we provide. You have access to market analyses which help you gauge the current state of the market as well as keep an eye on your competition.

Data Services


Sales Garners has been enabling businesses across the board with cost-effective account profiling services. Account profiling and sales intelligence professionals at Sales Garners help you gain relevant background information and identify hard-to-find facts on the operations of your potential customers. They provide you with relevant information on the structure of the business, key decision makers, decision-making process, current vendors, and plans of your prospect to help you determine the business potential within an account.


At Sales Garners we save your time to post your new information about any topic on your multiple blogs without logging in all your blogs. With our Content Dissemination Technique, all your important content is carefully targeted and distributed to the audience. We provide exposure to your content on your social media page, website, advertising boosts, Twitter featured hashtags.


Sales Garners provides the best Online Lead generation services. We have an expert and highly qualified team for online lead generation, B2B lead generation, and sales lead generation. Today, it is more challenging to get more new sales leads for your service. Sales Garners have the experience and proven techniques for sales lead generation for your business at a low cost to jumpstart your marketing and sales pipeline to provide sales-ready leads in a matter of weeks.

Data Verification

Accurate and authentic data is the backbone of any successful marketing. Outsourcing data verification services to a service provider of repute is the ideal way to get fast and cost-effective services.

Sales Garners brings to you a talent pool of dedicated and able data professionals who can provide quality data verification/ validation services to enhance your existing data set. Having access to technology and tools, our experts examine your data set and implement proven methodology to authenticate your records and ensure that they are accurate, consistent and up-to-date.

Database Hygiene

Sales Garner’s Data Hygiene services help B2B Marketers remediate their sales and marketing databases, provision the database with clean, pre-validated contact records with targeted pin-point accuracy and maintain the database’s integrity and accuracy. Customer and prospect data that is always sales and marketing ready results in greater marketing effectiveness and increased pipeline and sales revenues for your business.

Contact Validation

Sales Garner’s B2b Contact Validation services allow you to ensure you have the right emails and contact information of your target audience. We have nurtured our services over the years to provide 100% Data Accuracy with 97% Validated Data. Our goal is to provide you with the best quality B2B contact validation service. That ensures satisfaction and cost that provides value for investment. Your Business growth is our business goal and we invest in everything that is needed to help you succeed.